This is an application for a position on our team. Before you apply, we have a simple exercise that will take you less than hour to complete. There are no right or wrong answers specifically – this is an exercise for us to get to know you, your goals, and to see if we are a fit. There are specific reasons for each of these steps – please just play along!

If you do the exercise, you will get an interview.

1. Create a spreadsheet

This is part of the application process – do you know enough about computers to create a spreadsheet?

You can use google documents, open office or excel.

2. List an income

List an income that you’ve made before in the past or are currently making or feel that you could easily make.

For example: $2980 Current Monthly Income + Budget

2. Budget out what your basic expenses

Spend ALL of your income on this budget – as an example that will be different than yours:

  300  Tithing
  800  Rent
  200  Utilities
  400  Car, gas, Insurance
  250  Food (lots of budget meals)
  50   Dates (once a month when I can afford it)
  100  Entertainment
  100  Cell phone
  80   Internet
  200  Credit Card Payments (minimums)
  100  Savings
  500  Toys/Gifts for self/others

3. Double your virtual income and budget it again

This time include things you’d like to spend money on, not what you are forced to spend all of your money on, or what you’d do with double your current income.

For example: $5960 Virtual Budget

  600  Tithing
  1000 Rent/Mortgage (Pay it off faster, nicer place, etc)
  300  Utilities
  800  Car, gas, Insurance (faster payoff or nicer car)
  350  Food (no more corndogs and macaroni!)
  200  Dates
  200  Entertainment
  100  Cell phone
  80   Internet
  800  Credit Card Payments
  500  Savings
  850  Toys/Gifts for self/others
  180  IRA/Investments

4. Double your virtual income once more, and budget it again.

This time your expenses are all paid … what do you really want money for?

For example: $11,920 Virtual Budget

  1200  Tithing
  1500  Rent
  400   Utilities
  1000  Car, gas, Insurance (nicer car/pay it off!)
  400   Food (eating healthier now)
  250   Dates (a simple date once a week)
  400   Entertainment (List details if you wish)
  100   Cell phone
  80    Internet
  2000  Credit Card Payments (pay them off in 3 months!)
  2000  Savings
  1000  Toys/Gifts for self/others (list examples if you wish)
  400   IRA/Investments
  700   College Fund
  490   Vacation (I always wanted to go to X)

5. Create a short cover letter

Convince our team why you are worth your final “Virtual Budget”.
What do you have that other candidates don’t have?
What strengths do you contribute?
How will you attempt to earn this amount?
What things do you need to improve before you feel ready to hit this number?

6. Send us the following:

  • the convincing cover letter from #5
  • this virtual budget spreadsheet you created
  • a listing of your past work history
  • a listing of any skills that you believe are related to the position you are applying for

Why are we Asking this?

As corny as it sounds – this will tell us if you are a fit for the position or not! There isn’t a right or wrong “Virtual Budget”. Just do the exercise and show us a bit about you, your goals, and the things you value. If you do the exercise we will interview you. If you don’t do the exercise then we haven’t wasted your time.

Use the Contact Form to send your “hello” email. We’ll respond with our email address and then you can send your documents.

We look forward to working with you.