Article Submission Sites List

January 6, 2009 in Article Marketing | Comments (0)

Use this list of article submission sites to submit teaser articles. Write high quality articles about 300 to 400 words that build of the value of your service/product and have enough information to build trust, but not too much so they don’t need to click through to have their answer.

Your job is to entice them on the clickthrough by building trust and value of what they will get.

The click through leads them to your free whatever where they can get the rest of the good tips like the one they just read, likely by an autoresponder like

Right Click Save As: Article Submission Sites List and then create accounts on the top 15 or so (or more if you wish), submit your teaser articles to them.

When you link back to your squeeze page, make sure and use the targeted keyword so the search engines love you.