Free Sample Marketing Plan

February 16, 2009 in Business Setup | Comments (0)

In this article I will discuss a sample marketing plan for free. Marketing strategies are important to provide you with direction and keep you focused on the desired outcomes. If you do not write a business strategy that is similar to the free sample marketing plan I have provided below, you are probably not very focused or organized. Even if you are organized and have the marketing strategy for your company in your head, you will not be able to delegate or automate your business unless you actually write down and create your own marketing plan.

I am a firm believer in the short and simple strategies that can be adjusted daily. You do not need to hire a marketing company that will sell you a 100 page marketing strategy, even though the marketing research is probably useful – to a marketer. As a small business owner, you need a simple one page marketing plan that will keep you focused and remind you of what to delegate.

Here is the Free Sample Marketing Plan

Each section should be 1 or 2 sentences only, brief, and not full of technical details. Let your marketing expert hash out the exact details of how to make it happen.

Purpose of Your Marketing Plan
The purpose of’s Marketing Plan is to develop trust, authority and rapport with potential future Online and Offline marketing clients. The goal of all communications and jobs will be to obtain lifetime clients who get results.
How the Purpose of Your Marketing Plan Will Be Achieved will provide accurate, useful and easy to follow tips that provides free value at the basic level to many clients. The quality of the advice provided will be my online reputation, persona and portfolio.
Define Your Target Audience has an audience of bloggers, entrepreneurs, small business owners, marketing professionals, search engine optimization professionals, and in the trenches marketers who will report back to their employers. My range is global, in so much that I can service the client and maintain a lifetime relationship.
Describe the Proposed Marketing Vehicles
All of’s plans revolve around using online mediums: Google and Yahoo PPC, Craigslist Classifieds, Article Marketing directories, Search Engine Optimization, Forum posts, Yahoo Answers, Newsgroup posting, social bookmarking, video directories, elance, freelance job boards, marketing directories, google phone book listings, certifications and affiliations, preferred vendor lists, collaboration with non competing partners, press releases, newsletter subscriber autoresponders, email signatures, use of marketing theme/logo on all outgoing communication, podcasts, local lectures, gift certificates, cold calling local business, and joint ventures – but one mastery at a time
Describe Your Niche
The exact niche from’s target audience will be results orientated marketing strategies and consulting for online businesses. Marketing websites online for a global economy is our specialty: ecommerce, blog, books, agendas, forums, brochures, all online publishing. We will not focus on ultra competitive markets that require large monthly marketing budgets, all projects will be less than $15,000 a year for complete service.
Describe Your Identity
An expert is someone who has made all of the mistakes that you can make in that area. We will research, experiment, document various strategies that we offer to our clients. We will be an “Expert Marketer”. Various experts will work together as a team of consultants.
Describe Your Budget as a Percent of Gross Sales
Our marketing budget will be 15% of gross sales.

Use this free sample marketing plan to guide your own business goals. Print out your marketing strategy and review it weekly. What could be done towards your strategy objectives? What did you do today towards completion of these strategies? Review and change as necessary – do not bind yourself to a particular strategy if it isn’t working for you.