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Keyword Research Tips

January 2, 2009 in Keyword Research | Comments (0)

Here is how you use keyword data for credit repair to write articles

Pick out any phrase you want and base your article on that phrase
(refer to

highest CPC column

tells you where the money is, but is mostly used for finding products or
testing adsense models.

highest AVG approx search volume

tells you where the traffic is, and because you have a way to monetize
that traffic – this is likely the most important factor for you.

Good Keyword Phrases Have:

* 3 to 5 words
* low competition listed in google
* low competition when it is in quotes on a google search
* at least 2000 searches a month
* matches your product exactly
* is a “buy” word instead of a “clueless researcher” word

Remember the point is to get qualified traffic to your squeeze page, so
choose words from this list that would be buyers for you, and your

Ideally you would go through each high traffic term and pick the ones
that have very low google competition (search phrase in quotes, in google).

However, I don’t have an automated tool to do this. I need to buy
either seo elite, or keyword elite because it does this manual labor for me…
anyway, the free method above works. Just pick words that match
qualified buyers and start writing.

I can’t decide which of these 2 things to get, they both look good, any feedback on either of them would be greatly appreciated.

Here are the links: (a subscription) (one time fee)

I am going to save up and buy the one time fee version probably.

The only thing to really consider is if you are willing to fight against giants. If you are, then competition doesn’t matter, however, you may not have income until you actually beat your competitors. Only the first page gets traffic usually, so if you don’t appear there, you won’t get income. This is why I want the tools above – they help find niches that aren’t saturated.