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WARNING: Adwords Keyword Tool Settings

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So – you think you know a bit about keyword research eh?

If you are selling kids meals – should you call it:

meals for kids
kids meals
happy meals
happy meal
meal happy

Exactly what do your customers search for?

Typically you do research like this

Open the, paste a few words that are similar to what you sell, then sort through the large list that the tool spews out.

Almost all Internet Marketers know this step.

Lets pretend that SEO and keyword research is easy

Open the, again, and make sure that you have the main words by using the “use synonyms” and “Suggested Terms” features of the Adwords Keyword Tool.

Lets assume that the following list is our possible words:


Redo the search again, this time without synonyms and focus on the following settings


SEO & Keyword Research is Easy, Right?

All you have to do now is go Generate a Domain that matches one of the phrases with the most traffic:,, or,


Wrong! Change the Match type to “Exact” and watch what happens



Holy gross error in calculations Batman!

If you buy “meal happy” variant of a domain name, you won’t get any traffic – end of discussion.


The google keywords tool tracks searches from all forms of a phrase, in both forward and reverse and lumps them into one “volume” count.

However, if you check the rankings on the variations of the keyword, you know that proper keyword order is important. “meal happy” and “happy meal” return different search results.

This is why you should Hire an Expert Marketer – you will be prevented from making gross errors in judgement with common tools that “everyone else” uses (beware of anyone that claims SEO is easy)!

Niche Research How to

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Niche Research How To

This article talks about Niche Research and lists tools and objectives required for the single goal of buying a valuable domain name based on research and common sense.

The targeted reader is a beginning or small budget marketer who works from home or does freelance work – however the actual tools and techniques are used by these same marketers to deliver traffic to their clients. ┬áSo – if you are a business owner, this is what a marketer does for you, mostly research – but highly valuable.

Objective of Niche Research

Research and Buy a Niche domain name that is valuable and easy to market.

Basic Criteria for Niche

Domain Name must exactly match a phrase with 1800 monthly searches minimum, more is acceptable, less will likely not produce noticeable income.

Detailed Criteria for Niche

  • Targets high dollar Products, Customers or Services
  • People are spending money in the niche
  • Average home page rank on google front page is 3 or less
  • Beating top 5 spots on back links & optimization is doable
  • I Enjoy the niche and am willing to read about it for free
  • Works for local service too
  • Adword Data available
  • 60 daily searches minimum (1800 monthly)
  • 10,000 or less competing pages (in quotes)
  • 100 or less exact phrases allintitle
  • 500 or less exact phrase match allinurl
  • 1000 or less exact phrase match allinanchor
  • .com name is available

What domain is best?

.coms are best. I won’t buy anything else now, though I have in the past. Any domain will rank, but .coms are the easiest.

Dashes do not matter to search engines, just make sure people can spell it over the phone (my DASH car DASH DASH sale DASH DOT COM is hard on the phone and radio).

Good domains match the following (besides niche research):

  • easy to spell
  • easy to remember
  • is short
  • describe what you sell
  • doesn’t trample any trademarks
  • Is a phrase people use in the industry

Your Assignment:

Dedicate 60 minutes your first time for a learning curve and just explore. Your second sitting, dedicate only 30 minutes to picking a domain name and making a decision within your time limit. Buy the domain name and setup your site.

Match the criteria above and find a .com that works for you. How?

  • Pick a few root words
  • Look up the traffic volume of the top 10 words in your category
  • Analyze competition and make sure you can beat them in this lifetime
  • tumble domains until you find one that is an exact match for one of your top phrases
  • Buy the domain and setup a site on it!


Methods of Niche Research

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Marketing Research Using Clickbank

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Why Marketing Research is Important

There are untold stories of failed businesses who have amazing products. With proper marketing research they would have known what their customers are hungry for, and taken the easier route: give the customer what they want.