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SEO Checklist for Offsite Factors

January 18, 2009 in Search Engine Tricks | Comments (0)

Offsite SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is Easy…

Here are some quick guidelines to help you get good, offsite Search Engine Optimization:

Whenever you get a link, remember to use the key phrase, in the link, also make sure the link is a link that counts, meaning if it has “no follow” on it, it’s useless for SEO (still good for people manually clicking the actual link though).

SEO Penalties

1. Spammy Doorway pages – put real content not junk on your site
2. cross linking sites – dont do it, get all inbound links instead, your domain is ok to link within itself though
3. expired domains – immediate sandbox effect and stripping all of your incoming link juice

Optimized Backlinks

1. MANUALLY submit to the list at:, except google, do not submit to Google.
2. Do NOT submit a bunch then stop, Google likes to see consistent building of links
3. 1200 in 5 days will dominate MSN, but google won’t count them
4. 10 every day for 120 days will dominate ALL search engines and help them to be counted
5. Don’t get all of your links from sites on the same class C block of IP addresses
6. Use proper title tags and a good Blog Ping List

Social Networking Backlinks

1. Either do it manually to your favorites (3-5 for each article on your site) or
2. “AMSTEL” – use this tool to do it automatically or
3. Use my Social Bookmarking Sites List has a checklist where you can submit to, and keep track of your passwords, for various social bookmarking sites.

Ariticle Directory Links

1. Read my Article Writing Tips article
2. Write a teaser article that gives some good info, but
a. promises more at the destination link
a. includeEZA linking to, where “page” is a keyword
3. wait a week
4. Rewrite by at least 50%, the article
5. Submit the rewritten article to Article Submission Sites List and in the BIO:
a. link to
b. link to the EZA you wrote earlier

Content Sharing sites

1. create a hub, linking back to your site on hubpages
2. create a lens, linking back to your site on squidoo
3. upload pdfs

Optimize Video Sharing Backlinks

1. create a video series that shows your expertise using camstasia, wink, camstudio, etc
2. narrate, use slideshows, screen captures of how it works, etc
3. include a link back to your site for “more”, or the beginning/final screens
4. create account with tubmogul and post your feeds to the Video Sharing Sites List
5. Where possible, create accounts that contain your key phrase
6. (setup a new account that contains your keyword phrase)
a. post a comment on a high PR and themed post
b. the comment links to your youtube channel
c. setup tags and title appropriately
d. the last video you posted is a no follow link
e. you tube user id link passes page rank to your channel, to your video
f. only post 1 video in your account, then make a new account
g. use the ‘keyword “Posted By: You Tube Team”‘operator to find relevant pages
h. you tube team are not moderated – many others are moderated
7. Have a redirect to the sales page after you’ve given the pitch/explanation

Share Your Audio, Podcasts, etc

1. narrate, motivate, explain, etc. Read your previous articles.
2. use to clean up your audio and save as mp3
3. submit to and podcasting directories, as well as

Utilize Syndication Services

1. for all forms of content (text, video, audio) find out how to syndicate it
2. as you get picked up you will get much more traffic.
3. do not give away the whole thing in the syndication, just a teaser to go back to your site for more

Enable/Create Sitemaps

1. XML sitemaps help the search engines crawl your site.
2. In my experience, they also crawl much faster (8 days on my newest domain)
3. Full specs are at
4. If possible, only add a few pages a day to avoid the sandbox effect
5. Ping each of the major search engines sitemap service
c. Google Sitemaps
d. Yahoo Sitemaps

replace and sitemap.xml with whatever your url and uri are

Google PPC

1. Use PPC to test classified Ads, change, test CTR, repeat for the highest CTR
2. test in blocks of 1000 or more views.
3. Google, MSN, Yahoo, etc – but google is the best in my opinion.
4. Once you have a good ad that has a very high CTR, then you can roll it out.

Market With Classified Ads

1. test first using PPC, then use:
a. craigslist
b. usfreeads
c. ebay classified
d. any local classifieds or niche classified that appeal to you

Earn Respect On Forums

1. Get paid text links on forums that match your niche
a. google: your key phrase +forum
b. contact owner and negotiate how
c. Say Nice Things

For every place that you are getting a link it is most helpful to use a tool that allows you to easily see dofollow and nofollow links. Search engines only give you credit for the dofollow ones. Here is a good addon for firefox that will check all the links on a page for you:

I’ll update this list with the other 30 or so places when I get a chance (likely sometime next week).

Say Nice Things

December 2, 2008 in Search Engine Tricks, Web Traffic Ideas | Comments (0)

This is a very simple technique that is free – just say nice things.   Here is how it works:

Search for blogs, forums, articles, myspace profiles, reviews, etc.   If you find something you like, just say so.  In your signature include a link and a reason to click it, back to your site.

Here are a few places that you can search for places to post links:


The important thing to consider is not to use blatant self promotion.  Don’t just speak to speak.  Be helpful, honest and sincere.