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Video Sharing Sites List

January 3, 2009 in Web Traffic Ideas | Comments (0)

Use a service like and post your high quality videos for syndication to the following list of Video Sharing Sites:

Video Sharing Sites List

You can create videos in several ways:

Typically you would want a video to be quick, to the point and focused on solving one particular problem. Start by advertising your URL and end by telling them what they can get by visiting your URL (more tips, etc).

Say Nice Things

December 2, 2008 in Search Engine Tricks, Web Traffic Ideas | Comments (0)

This is a very simple technique that is free – just say nice things.   Here is how it works:

Search for blogs, forums, articles, myspace profiles, reviews, etc.   If you find something you like, just say so.  In your signature include a link and a reason to click it, back to your site.

Here are a few places that you can search for places to post links:


The important thing to consider is not to use blatant self promotion.  Don’t just speak to speak.  Be helpful, honest and sincere.