Article Writing Tips

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Article Writing Tips

This article about article writing tips is actually a poor example – I don’t have time to optimize it yet. I’ll come back and do that later. For now use this as a rough guide of how to write the various types of articles. Remember: I’m doing keyword research and each of these that are meant for SEO NEED that research… I’m hurrying!

Why is this important? Writing articles this way does 2 things:

  • Higher Placement in Search engines (more people see it)
  • Better Conversions (more people click it)

So, lets get started … the rest of the Article Writing Tips are listed below:

Article Purposes

All articles have a specific purpose and for our purposes I’ll simplify those purposes to:

- on article sites and free portions of membership sites
- optimized for SEO
- purpose: click the link to the squeeze page

Squeeze Page
- on your site, lists benefits, builds trust
- top portion optimized for SEO
- purpose: capture email

Autoresponder emails
- they get in a series after the squeeze
- builds trust slowly, provides value so they stay subscribed
- explain benefits and why they need product
- purpose: pay for the full article membership/packages

Full Article
- provides value, teaches them the meat of the technique
- only optimized for SEO if it’s public
- explain benefits and why they need product
- purpose: upsell

Article Writing Tip Checklist

(content structure and purpose changes a bit based on above, but the following should apply in general, to all copy that is written if you want SEO and good conversion)

- must have the keyphrase
- must be shorter than 68 characters
- must follow standard copywriting and entice someone to read
- must be believable
- should be specific Get X in Y
- should provide a benefit and reason for them to read the rest
- should be short
- should have keyword at the beginning
- should not have unneccessary words (phrase loses value if other words)
- might ask a question: Want to Get X?
- might say me too: McDonalds worker finds secret to $135 per day
- might scare: Don’t Use Free Credit Reports – they HURT your credit
- might reveal secrets: Ex-Credit Counselor reveals his SCAM

- must be in <h1> tags </h1>
- must contain the key phrase
- must follow standard copywriting and entice someone to read

First Paragraph
- must contain the key phrase
- must use <p> tags </p>
- should be either: <strong>, <em>, or <u> on the key phrase
- should summarize why they are reading the rest of the article
- should be short, brief and to the point
- should use semantically similar words where appropriate
- should poke them where it emotionally hurts

Sub Headers
- must use <h2>, or <h3> as appropriate
- must use some variant of the key phrase
- should provide good eye scanning text
- should encourage them to read the next little bit

Remaining Text
- each line has a goal of getting them to read the next line
- do not use more than 1 in 25 words as a keyphrase
- should use plenty of semantically similar key phrases where appropriate
- for teasers, 300 to 400 words but can be as long as it takes without being boring

Whitespace and Keep Reading Strategies
- must use bucket brigades
- must use at least 1 image (If SEO desired)
- should use tasteful pictures that match and trigger emotions
- should use lists, and put a keyword in the lists occassionally
- should keep paragraphs short, 2 to 3 sentences

Bucket Brigade (mostly for sales copy, but also useful for keeping it spicy)
- but wait there’s more
- do you want to know the secret?
- here is what I found out
- You won’t believe how easy this step is..
- This is how I did it..

- for SEO, must use an image
- must use alt tags: <img src=”a.gif” alt=”key phrase”>
- should have 1 picture per article minimum
- should match the purpose of the article

- if possible, embed links in the body text, using keywords as anchors
- no more than 3 links per article
- in the resource box, promise them something they want
- don’t blare credentials or skills – just give them something if they click