Business Network Marketing

March 6, 2009 in Lead Generation | Comments (0)

How can you benefit from Business Network Marketing?

Business Network Marketing is a way to meet others who are like minded and share the same goals or dreams as you. You will probably have similar needs and experiences to share too.

Where Can you Find Groups of Like Minded People?

Well, I was looking at Twitter and saw a link to Of course I had to type in my zip code and see what kinds of groups were meeting.

As a marketer, entrepreneur, or even a HUMAN, this is a great way to meet business contacts, mentors, peers and new potential friends.   I might even use this as a date planner for my wife and I.

If you have found a social networking place what should you do?

1. Think of what questions you may have, seek out experts that would know
2. Listen and be interested/interesting to others.
3. Don’t be so meek that you are invisible, but don’t over power conversations either.
4. Collect business cards and write down notes about the person you spoke to
5. Send thank you emails to anyone that gave you their time
6. Introduce others as a go between. It will make you popular and liked.
7. Be friendly, be polite, and say nice things to others.
8. Prepare a 10 second answer to: What do you do? Polish it so you paint yourself in the best light.
9. Try to talk to more than just a few people, get to know them, show them you care about them and are interested.
10. Arrange with others who have services you need/want to meet with them later.
11. Ask what kinds of hurdles your peers are up against, and how they solved the problems.
12. Start a mastermind group, schedule conference calls, share information, help each other
13. Be the expert at something, offer to teach or help others.