Generate Leads with Yard Sign Strategy

January 6, 2009 in Lead Generation | Comments (0)

This strategy of getting leads involves placing the plastic signs that you can get printed with a simple message:

FIX (something) $X

or some other similar, short direct message. The signs work best for generating leads on busy places, like on/off ramps, near stop signs/stop lights, etc.

Get any of the cheap 800 services ($20 a month or so with a few hundred minutes free), and record a filter message like below:

Hello and thanks for calling 555-555-1212.
I’m going to tell you the secret to X
It’s simple,
1. Tell them something they already know, like something that another big name is already advertising (they trust your advice to be accurate now)
2. Tell them something else that is common knowledge, (build value in why they need to do/buy whatever)
3. It’s easy here is how it’s done:
my solution to X is $x
(sell the smallest, foot in the door package, qualify them – if they won’t buy this then don’t even work with them)
If you are serious leave name and number and I’ll call you before close of business today.
(the goal is to get them to leave a number so you can call and sell them, then upsell them)

Then all you do is call them back. A friend of mine showed that 10 signs brought him about 500 leads in 24 hours. All you have to do is tailor this to your needs and get to work :)