How to Use Craigslist + Google Filters to Find Freelance Work

July 20, 2009 in Lead Generation | Comments (1)

Assuming you do freelance computer repairs and are looking for work in multiple areas (remote PC repair):

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intitle:XXXXX needed inurl:YYY -"ZZ ZZZ"

put all of that into google and you can scan ALL of craigslist. Here is the breakdown:


your keyword services that people are looking for. intitle limits the ad to only those that were focused enough to have it in the title. This limits to mostly buyers, as many sellers put hundreds of words in their ads to get keyword hits from many topics at once. I chose to add “needed” and “wanted” because they could be buyer keywords.


the craigslist category they are most likely to post in

cps for example, is computer services. by using the inurl tag, you are forcing only listings that have that code in the url. Go to craigslist, browse your category and look at the URL to get the code you want here.


things you want to remove from your search

-”an hour”

remove ads that are OFFERING your service at some rate per hour.

-”at your service”

this is a seller, not a buyer, remove this ad too.

-”we offer”

this is a seller, not a buyer, remove

-affordable, -cheap

These are mostly sellers, not buyers AND if they are a buyer I don’t want them.

-”I can”

I may kill SOME ads about people describing their problem but I kill MOST ads people selling services telling me what they can do for me.

Think creatively and come up with your own filters. You can have a maximum of 10 filters on a google query.

Please see if you can trump me with your craigs list tips; I throw down the gauntlet and challenge you!