Top 12 Ways to Get Answers to Your Questions

August 13, 2009 in Link Building | Comments (0)

Mahalo Answers
Uses Mahalo Dollars and social voting on the best tips.
Yahoo Answers
Yahoo Answers use a fan system where users can be fans of others. There is also a point system. You earn points by answering questions and spend points by asking questions. Points accumulated determine your user level.
Answerbag groups it’s questions according to the type and difficulty. They are also grouped as: expert, local, and shopping (well researched, local only, commerce related)
Twitter is like a chat room – kinda. You can search through answers and post questions quickly. If a user adds a #hashtag to their post, that post gets a keyword which helps others find it. Twitter is useful because it’s real time, or can be. For serious tweeting use a program like tweetdeck, which allows you to automatically pull feeds for your keywords.
A combination of answer site and wiki.
All Experts
A clunkier interface, but still a good answer site grouped in categories.
Google Answers
Like many other answer sites, but the reward system is based on money. You bid a dollar amount and someone answers, then you pay them.
Allows anonymous posting, but otherwise like other answer sites.
Powerful network of IM clients. People opt in to answer questions and then your question is blasted to all of them.
Pic Answers
Allows you to post a picture then ask about the picture. Saves typing a huge, oddly worded description.
Searches several of the answer sites at once… though a custom google search would probably work better.
Google for a Forum
Forums are great places to earn reputation and find information. If you find a popular forum, register help people out, or ask a question.