Marketing Research Using Clickbank

February 21, 2009 in Marketing Research | Comments (0)

Why Marketing Research is Important

There are untold stories of failed businesses who have amazing products. With proper marketing research they would have known what their customers are hungry for, and taken the easier route: give the customer what they want.

It is far easier to give a hungry group of customers what they want instead of create a demand yourself. How deep are your pockets anyway? Here is one way to see what kind of demand is available:Marketing Research Using Clickbank

Go to Click Bank
Click on MarketPlace
Type a root term in your Niche under “Keywords”
Look at high gravity and high referrer %, these are likely hot products
Go to
Browse a Category related to your term
Refine to see exactly where your site will fit

By doing this exercise in marketing research you will accomplish two things:
1. Prove that there is a product to sell, that is currently selling well (Click Bank)
2. See there is an established framework of hungry customers (dmoz)