Effective Tag Lines and Slogans

February 15, 2009 in Marketing Strategies | Comments (0)

What is a Tag Line?

A tag line, also called a marketing slogan is essentially a phrase that does not change (often) and is designed to brand your image. Here are some examples:

“You’re not fully clean, unless you’re zestfully clean”
“You’re in good hands with Allstate”
“Behold the power of Cheese”
“Reach out and touch someone”
“Flick my Bic”
“The King of Beers”
“Calgon, take me away”
“Please don’t squeeze the Charmin”
“It’s shake and bake and I helped!”
“Fosters – Australian for beer”
“We bring good things to life”

What is your tag line or slogan that your customers remember you by?

An effective tag line or slogan should:

stand the test of time
not use a catchy phrase or buzzword
be brief
have phonetic harmony
explain your USP
get into the subconcious of your targets