Landing Pages

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Landing Pages

A landing page is just a page you control, (in any form of media) that you send traffic to.  You can use your host or another host.

Free Hosts to Place Landing Pages

squidoo lenses

All of these are free landing page options, and they are effective .   Landing page design will be different on each, but all of these sites usually have good search engine results and an existing traffic flow.  Piggy back off of someone else’s marketing. 

What is the Purpose of a Landing Page

When you create a landing page, you are simply making a search engine trap. Think of each page as a little fish net, trying to capture targeted traffic and then, prepare that traffic to buy. A good landing page will:

  • Establish Trust (you know it works because…)
  • Create a Need (poke them in their emotional hot spots)
  • Offer a solution (here is what worked for you, educate them why it worked)
  • Get the user ready to buy (you recommend product X at

Then, when you direct traffic from a landing page to your product, they are morel likely to purchase instead of “investigate” and leave.

It’s important that you show yourself as a teacher, a guide, a helper – not a salesman. People like getting the “inside scoop”, not a sales pitch.

Free list of landing page keywords

Combine these with your niche to feed a hungry market, that is in the “investigate” phase:

  • how to
  • how can
  • how do
  • instructions
  • tutorial
  • directions
  • remove
  • crafts
  • love
  • key
  • home remedy
  • remedy
  • natural remedy
  • cure
  • buy
  • purchase
  • online
  • review
  • reviews
  • secret
  • increase
  • decrease
  • improve
  • faster
  • fast
  • cheapest
  • best
  • top
  • article
  • where can
  • luxury
  • quality
  • videos
  • video
  • learn
  • save

Using Landing Pages for SEO

Talk about your niche on the page, then link to your affiliate capture, or your homepage.
Google sees all of these keyword links as good link juice, especially if linked from places like EZA, Squidoo, etc.

Landing Page Strategy

use keyword research to find good terms
put together a landing page that surrounds the terms
include your affiliate link (a redirect service like is better)