Simple Business Plan

December 2, 2008 in Marketing Strategies | Comments (0)

I have learned the hard way that without a clear direction, it won’t matter how good you are at optimizing pages for the search engines, or what cool things you do with code.   These (SEO, Coding Skill) are not the things that matter.

As a result, here is my simple business plan (my first post).  This simple business plan will be a ever evolving model and is only made as a guide to help me focus, not the final answer in what I’ll do each day to succeed.  You may use this as a model for your business plan, however I would appreciate a link back to my site.

My Simple Business Plan

Mission Statement

I will consistently provide value and demonstrated experience in order to build my online reputation and attract customers who seek my consulting services. I will provide these customers with a way and reason to contact me for consulting projects related to search engine marketing, my passion.

Consulting Service I Provide

Technology consulting related to all aspects of online sales and marketing will be the core of my consulting with the subcategories of:

  • Technology
  • Traffic Generation
  • Conversion
  • Training

Contact me for help with your web marketing project at