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March 8, 2009 in Online Video | Comments (0)

I was hired by someone to do a tutorial on graphics editing. I tried various tools:

  • Camstasia
  • Camstudio
  • Debug Mode Wink
  • Straight HTML

Screen Capture File Sizes Were Too Large!

My first round of results was a few video tutorials from Camstudio that were 600MB… ouch.

How to Make Small File Size Screen Captures

Later I tried Wink, a free screen capture and annotation program that allows you to record voice and import pictures. Wink saves as pdf, exe, or swf too, so the output is quite portable.

Wink Limits Screen Capture to 16000 Frames

For the final version I was able to fit 600MB worth of tutorials into a 9mb swf presentation. The default settings of wink limited it to 16000 frames – so I changed the frames per second to 4 frames and then I was able to record the entire session. Before I figured this out, my video would freeze and the audio would keep going. A quick google search showed how to fix it (reduce the frames per second).

The thing I liked most about it was the ability to narrate and annotate the screens. A built in recorder software allowed me to talk through each screen. I used to test and tweak my microphone settings, then once they were set for clean sound, I recorded using the native recorder from wink.

Suggest Tutorials You Want to See!

Be on the lookout for tutorials on wordpress, SEO, and other affiliate marketing and ecommerce tips soon! I plan on making quite a few videos for download on this site.