Videos + Photos = Photo Video Marketing

June 24, 2009 in Online Video | Comments (0)

If you haven’t heard of Animoto by now, you are waaaay behind the times, especially if you are a web marketer.

What is Animoto?

  1. Goto: Animoto
  2. Signup for a free account (or paid account)
  3. Upload some pictures
  4. Select some royalty free music (from Animoto’s library)
  5. Create your video

Want some ideas of how to make money with your Video?

  • Include a call to action in one or more of your pictures in the video
  • Post it to youtube and the other 30 or so video syndication services
  • When you create accounts, use a keyword so your profile links back to your website
  • Submit to, and other review sites to help with your Local Listing Marketing
  • Create a short link, or website built around your video presentation, when the video ends send them to a “buy” button

If you want help creating these videos, and getting them published on over 30 video syndication channels, let An Expert Marketer in Phoenix help you (or do it all for you).