Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy For

All information is kept for as long as we determine necessary, in a secured format. How we use various information is noted below:

What We Keep

How we Use it

Web Analytics

We keep anonymous statistical information such as (but not limited to) what browser, what ip, what OS, where you came from, and what you were looking for.

This information is used to help us understand traffic to our website and how our website is used. It may or may not be shared with other entities.

From time to time we share this anonymous type of information with consultants.

Email Address

We store email addresses and send marketing and newsletter type information periodically.

We currently have not shared email information, but if we do, we will control and protect the email database at all times.

Email addresses are viewable to administrators and the company that stores and maintains our data.

Credit Card Info

We don’t store credit card information, credit card security is left up to our 3rd party vendors which is currently PayPal.

Purchase History

Purchase history is used to help us determine what you will likely want and need, and thus to contact you about offers that we have.


We use cookies that exist on our domain only, for the duration of your stay on our domain.

They track certain user preferences and may or may not be required to access all features of the website.

Login Information

Your login information is not shared, and is viewable only by administrators.

Phone Numbers

We store phone numbers, if you provide them to us, but do not share this information with 3rd parties.

We use your phone number to contact you about orders or work that we do for you.

Your Access to Our Records

For all data, you may not have access to it, but you may request that certain items be removed from contact.

Note that in order to track who has requested no contact, we continue to store your data, but mark it so we know it is not for contact.

How your Information is Released

We do not claim perfect security, nor do we accept responsibility in the event that data has been used against our knowledge, however, we do promise to try our best to use and protect your data using security methods that are common place, and standard.

We realize that failure to protect your privacy is bad business practice and ethics and therefore, with long term profits in mind, we strive to base all communications on keeping you as a customer, not offending you or being lazy about protecting your data.

If required by law enforcement to turn over any data, we will do so through due process of the law.

If we determine that any particular user is causing grief to our company or other users, we will not hesitate to release any and all information as we see fit.

To Remove Yourself

To remove yourself from our contact list, simply email us and let us know that you don’t want to be contacted anymore.

Dynamic Policy

We reserve the right to completely change our privacy policy without your consent, as best suits the longevity of our business and our relationship with our customers.