How to Find Google Supplemental Index Pages

August 15, 2009 in Search Engine Tricks | Comments (0)

What is the Supplemental Index?

The Google Supplemental index is like a black hole. If your site is listed in it – you won’t be getting traffic. Google had originally intended this to help reduce spam, but we are seeing many good pages get dropped. The SI (Supplemental Index) tag seems to affect mostly startups and low PR pages, or pages with odd link patterns. These commands will also help you debug spidering issues – let’s hope Google doesn’t remove the Supplemental Index command!

Can this information be used immorally?

Yes: A “shady” person might just search for text and keyword rich supplemental results that simply lack links, copy the content, throw some links at their own copy and outrank the original page. I believe this is Google’s reasoning for removing this tag – it allows people to get an unfair advantage.

Is Your Site is In the Google Supplemental Index?

Note that google may pull this feature at any time!


Old Supplemental Index Codes:

I couldn’t get these to work anymore:

  • *-abcde
  • ***-slktf
  • *-12345
  • *-asd
  • *-ao
  • *-aq
  • *-ak
  • *-ax
  • *-az
  • *-ay

This information was posted in a different format here:

Update on Google Supplemental Indexing