How To: Sales Letter Template – Psychographic Profiling

March 29, 2009 in SEO Copywriting | Comments (0)

What is Psychographic Profiling?

Make sure you read this first: How To: Sales Letter Template – Understanding Emotions as it will help you understand the emotions your customer is feeling.

Psychographic Profiling is a word I made up – but what I want it to mean is: what are the problems and objections that your customer has, and what emotions do they feel about these problems and objections?

When I am writing a sales letter, I start by listing all of the problems my customer is feeling, and why they cannot overcome their problem (their objections). Here is an example of a profile that I did for a product I am promoting:

List Problems

Disk Space Warning
Delete history of websites (some / All)
Delete Search History
Delete Recent Documents
Delete Hidden Files
Delete IM conversations
Delete URL History
Delete Everything and Start Over
Delete Programs that require Passwords
Find WHich folders are taking up Space
Delete Cookies
Delete Email Auto Completes
Delete Duplicate Files
Delete Temp Files
Delete Hibernation Files
Uninstall Software
DOS Delete Commands
Batch Files
Windows Updates
Delete Ipod
Delete Zunes
Delete Virus Files
Delete Saved Passwords (Some / All)

List Objections

Cost Not Worth it
Don’t Have Time to Learn
I’ve Never Been Good at Computer Stuff – can’t learn this
I’ll Delete the Wrong Files
My Computer is Different
I don’t know how to do this
Learning Frustrates me
I’ll probably break it and cost myself more money
This program will mess up my computer
Too complicated

Then I print this list, along with the emotional checklist from the article above, some pictures of my target audience and it helps me to remember to write from their point of view.

Next I’ll talk about the actual parts to a sales letter – spend an hour though and create a psychological profile on your customer. This technique has improved my writing by leaps and bounds.