Permalinks in Wordpress for SEO

March 5, 2009 in Wordpress How To | Comments (0)

Permalinks are under: Settings > Permalinks > Custom

I do it like this:

For SEO:

1. Do not categorize something with more than 1 category (duplicate content)
2. Make sure postnames are unique (%post_id% forces absolutely unique links)
3. Use phrases as categories, not words: “Florida DUI Attorney”, not “Attornies”
4. do not change structure on an established site – you’ll lose all of your traffic so far
5. If you do change, use 301 redirects from your old pages to new.

I use .html at the end of a postname because I don’t want thousands of directories all over my site, I instead want it to look like a static site that gets frequent updates, not a generated or scripted site. I don’t think having directories are wrong, I just don’t do it that way.

The main advantage of having permanlinks like this is so you can get key phrases in links when other people link to you.   Otherwise people will change your link text to “click here” to make it short, or they’ll just link to your root domain.   Using permalinks encourages you to get links that actually have keywords in the link, which is what search engines look for.