Wordpress Install

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Mesa Wordpress Install

What is Wordpress?

Wordpress is a content management system that allows you to edit your website, without hiring a web designer. You simply login and use it like you would a visual word document editor and then save your article. Wordpress automatically uploads and edits the page for you.

Wordpress setup is not difficult, but can be overwhelming for a less than experienced webmaster. Why not let a professional in Mesa, AZ setup wordpress for you?

Do you Have a Domain Yet?

If you haven’t already purchased a domain, and are familiar with proper domain research – please use this code at dreamhost to get a free domain name for life: FREEWWW4LIFE.

Dreamhost has a simple, one click install and is less than $7 a month for shared hosting.

Setup Wordpress on Windows

I do not recommend that you attempt to setup wordpress on Windows. It can be done, but wordpress is designed to be installed on Linux.

If you need help setting up wordpress on a Linux server, please contact us and we can help.

Wordpress Plugin Installs

Wordpress has plugins for many different things. Sometimes they conflict with each other and can cause problems with your website. Try disabling all plugins, and see if that fixes the problem. If disabling plugins fixes the problem, re-enable them one by one to find the misbehaving plugin. This most often happens after an update.

Of course, if you need help in Mesa with Wordpress (or anywhere actually), contact us and we’ll be happy to troubleshoot the issue for you.

Custom Wordpress Themes

One of the wonderful things about Wordpress is the ability to quickly change themes. We do custom wordpress theme development and troubleshoot / edit existing themes like “thesis theme” and others.

Wordpress Help in Mesa

Of course, there are many other wordpress help issues you may have such as:

  • backup wordpress
  • upgrade wordpress
  • setup wordpress
  • optimize wordpress for speed
  • optimize wordpress for SEO
  • password protect wordpress
  • create custom wordpress templates
  • fix duplicate content errors in wordpress
  • wordpress training in mesa

And much more! If you need help with wordpress, I’m a wordpress expert in Mesa, AZ and will happily fix your wordpress content management problems. Contact me today for immediate assistance.